Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Firm Merger by Stephanie Ganon

Title:    A Firm Merger
Author:    Stephanie Ganon
Publisher:   Liquid Silver Books
Publication Date:    March 2011
Genre:  Ménage, Erotica
Length:   33 pages
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Heat Level:    Scorching
Other: Oral, M/f/M, M/M
Reviewer:  Suki
Date:   March 29, 2011

“For nearly a year, Emily Dawson has quietly dated two men, Nick Scott and William Drake--both smart, attractive and great in bed. Because they all work at the same law firm, her various needs are met at a moment’s notice. During an out-of-town business trip, the men put their heads together and discover their girlfriend has two boyfriends. But when Nick and William confront Emily about her refusal to commit to a relationship, an unusual compromise is reached--one that satisfies them all.”

This short little story packs a lot of punch, not just sexually but emotionally as well.  The Blurb is somewhat deceiving in making the reader believe all is peachy keen for all involved in this triangle, when in fact Nick has tons of issues about the whole thing. Issues he works out with the help of both William and Emily.  The characters in this story are real and believable. You feel for all three and understand completely why Emily doesn’t want to have to choose between either and wants them both. I would want them both. If you are looking for something to spice up your lunch break this will definitely do the trick.

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