Saturday, April 2, 2011

Silent Howl by Stacey Kennedy

Title:    Silent Howl
Author:    Stacey Kennedy
Publisher:    Liquid Silver Publishing
Publication Date:    March 2011
Genre  paranormal Erotic Romance, Werewolves
Length:   102 pages
Rating :  4.25 Diamonds
Heat Level:    sizzling
Other: rough Sex
Reviewer:  Suki
Date:   March 31 2011

“The Blue Bloods Series, Book Two

Rynn Murphy’s a werewolf and she’s in a state of bliss--her junkie parents are in recovery for their drug addiction. Her Grandfather, Pops, who has Alzheimer’s is settled into a nursing home in Utah. She’s just witnessed the bonding ceremony of her friends, Nexi and Kyden from the Otherworld. With her mate, Briggs by her side, life can’t get any better.

That is, until Rynn is brought to Philadelphia. As a Blue Blood werewolf, she’s been given a special gift to possess a strong scent. After horrific murders take place in the Pennsylvania territory, Rynn must use this ability to seek the killer.

The task does not come easily and Rynn struggles. The human in her flees from danger. The wolf in her is desperate to end the killer’s murderous rampage. Rynn must reconcile the two halves while these murders begin to cross State lines. Soon, danger is all around them. Rynn will have to decide what is more important--the human who remains in her or the wolves she has sworn to protect… “

I truly adore this hero,  I wanted to put that out there immediately. Briggs  is an Alpha in every way, except he isn’t the alpha in the pack. (not an issue if you read the first book you know why, and love Briggs even more)

The story is well written and any one picking up this story first won’t be confused by what is going on if they haven’t read Book one.  Ms. Kennedy has done a nice job of covering the bases and leaving out what is needed for this story.

 That being said this felt more like the continuation of Everlasting Bite. For the readers it might have been better named the Rynn Series, as I kept wanted to know more about the other Blue Bloods. And to be honest, when I had heard there was a second in the Blue Blood series coming out I was excited to see which blue blood I would get to know. I was a little surprised to find it was Rynn and Briggs again, as I had felt their story had come to a nice closure.

But was spending a few more hours with Briggs and Rynn a bad thing? Hell no, and Ms. Kennedy does reward her readers with one of the hottest love scenes I have read in quite a while. The scene isn’t just hot because of what they are doing but because of circumstances and the love you can literally feel coming off these two, Ms Kennedy wrote a rich and emotionally stirring scene that left me breathless.

The book leaves the readers believing there is another one in the making and this reader/reviewer is hoping, although I adore Briggs and Rynn,  to meet some new characters or see this story from another point of view.

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