Friday, April 15, 2011

Caged by Belea T. Keeney

Title:  Caged
Author: Belea T. Keeney
Publisher:  JMS Books
Publication Date:  2011
ISBN:  978-1-61152-097-2 
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Length:  11 pages
Other: Mention of sex games
Reviewer:  Starla Kaye
Date:  4-14-11

Sometimes we can’t see reality around us, maybe we don’t want to.

Jared Montaine thinks his life is good at the moment, but is he only fooling himself? His job may be good, but he begins to worry about his marriage.

This is a very short piece of fiction and it was hard to judge the characters and conflicts. There was no actual intimacy, although some things were hinted at. I would have liked to have seen the characters more developed.

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