Sunday, April 10, 2011

Makin' Copies by J.M. Snyder

Title:  Makin’ Copies
Author:  J. M. Snyder
Publisher:  JMS Books
Publication Date:  2008
ISBN:  978-1-61152-079-8
Genre:  Contemporary Gay Erotica
Length:  12 pages
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: Gay, anal, oral
Reviewer:  S. K. Fero
Date:  4-8-11

Sometimes you make a stupid mistake. Sometimes it turns out okay.

Johnson got a little too drunk at the office Christmas party and did something that risks his job. What can he say? How can he deny what he did?

Mike, Johnson’s boss, surprises Johnson with a unique understanding of what his employee had done.

This is an extremely short story with almost no character development. But there is definitely heat. If you want a quick, hot read, this is a good one.

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