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Dark Diary II: The First by Dawne Dominique

Title:  Dark Diary II: The First
Author:  Dawne Dominique
Publisher:  Purple Sword Publications
Publication Date:  2010
ISBN:  978-193165-53-7
Genre:  Paranormal, vampire
Length: 166 pages
Author Website
Author Email
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: BDSM, oral
Reviewer:  Starla Kaye
Date: 3-12-11

Book II of Dawné Dominique’s The First series

Can I say “Oh Wow!”? Sure I can. I read the first book in the series (Eden’s Hell, I: The First) and loved it.  I enjoyed this book every bit as much if not more. I look forward to reading the next part, Kindred Blood, III: The First.

The author continues to write stories about a unique version of vampires. The character of Daniella Rolfe as a seven hundred year old last of the First vampires was very well drawn. I felt her struggles with who and what she was, with her struggles not to be like her kin, and with a loneliness she has forced upon herself.

Detective Aiden Blackmore proved to be the perfect match for Daniella, even though their conflicts were many. He is drawn to her from the first time they meet, for reasons he can’t understand. She has long vowed never to interlace her blood with human. But with Aiden she is pulled by “a yearning I have never felt before. A mortal man…his spell surrounds me in a web I cannot escape, nor do I want to.”

If you’re looking for a series to follow, this is it. The characters pull you into their story and force you to hope they can beat the difficult obstacles in their way. There are many reasons for them not to find happiness together, but theirs is a developing relationship that you will want to follow every step of the way. Adding to that, there are some seriously “hot” moments.

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  1. Starla, thank you so very, very much. Wow. I'm blown away and so absolutely pleased. I'm hoping to have Kindred Blood out by the end of summer. *crosses fingers*



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