Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Designed by Destiny by Roseanne Dowell

Title: Designed by Destiny

Roseanne Dowell
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Publication Date:  2010
ISBN: 978-1-60435-753-0
Genre: romance
Length:  216
Heat Level:  Sweet with some sex
Reviewer: Martha Andrews
Date:  3/7/11
This was a very good book. I enjoyed the fact that at the beginning I had a question if I really liked the heroine since she seemed brittle, career driven, with no time for people.

The writer had her grow and learn to trust. The hero seemed like someone you’d like to know and I loved how their careers fit together as well as they did! 
This author did some research with adopting greyhound dogs and it showed in the story. The dog had a personality and was part of the story. 
 I really enjoyed this book but it wasn’t a “can’t put it down book”.  I would say instead just a relaxing good read and well worth the time to read it. In a frantic world of today, this was a haven of mental escape!

 These characters are real people that you’d like to know. 

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