Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reverie by Candace Gold

Title:  Reverie
Author:   Candace Gold
Publisher: First Lyrical Press, Inc.
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 9781616502430
Genre: Romance/paranormal
Length: 118 pages
Heat Level:  Sensual
Other:  small oral sex, many sex scenes but only where in context
Reviewer:  Martha Andrews
Date:  3/13/11

What do you do when a ghost mistakes you for his wife?
Furious with her boyfriend, journalist Nikki O'Connell visits Paris while reassessing their relationship. What she doesn't need complicating matters is the ghost of Claude Debussy crawling into her bed every night. Yet that's exactly what happens when the dead composer believes Nikki is his wife.
Journalists deal in facts, not in the supernatural, and it's that guiding rule that forces Nikki to doubt the possibility her rented apartment is haunted. Instead, she's confronted with the possibility that she's inherited the insanity that destroyed her mother.
I love classical music but that has nothing to do with why I loved this book!  This book was really good because it showed a flawed woman who loved a man who was “real” too. (Not perfect LOL)  She was jealous of his work and unsure of herself.   

It was paranormal with a resident ghost but not just any ghost, the ghost of Claude Debussy. This story took you to Paris and you saw, tasted, and smelled Paris.   

Since in the novel Debussy would go to Nikki in her dreams and make love to her each night there was sex some very explicit but not  enough to get in the way of the plot or enough to be over-powering.  

The novel progressed in a way that you were compelled to go on and on to see this couple solve their own problems and also to solve the ghost and problems he caused.    
This book had a wonderful flow and the only frustration I had was that they didn’t go back to tell the ghost about the wrong assumption he’d made. (Don’t want to give anything away). I should show how real this book was to me that I'm worried about letting the ghost know his error!   

I couldn’t get away from my computer (don’t have an e-reader) because when I played my music on auto-play—sooner or later “Reverie” or “Le Mer” would play and it was “back to the book” for me.   

My husband is very happy I finished this book as I’ve been absent-mindedly humming and whistling Reverie for three days!  This book is really good and except for the one frustration with the ending--I really enjoyed it from start to finish.    

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