Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Upgrade by Eve Summers

Title:    The Upgrade
Author:    Eve Summers
Publisher:    Red Rose Publishing
Publication Date:    July 2011
ISBN:     978-1-60435-742-4  
Genre Interracial/Multicultural, contemporary
Length:   14 pages
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Heat Level:    Sizzling
Other: Anal play
Reviewer:  Suki
Date:   March 19, 2011

  Timothy is a busy businessman. Even while on holiday on an exotic Pacific Island, he cannot relax. When his wife suggests a de-stressing massage, Timothy has no idea what he’s in for…

Ms Summers pens a great, very short, erotic escape in this story. I knew going into this book that it was short, but even still when THE END came I was shocked. This book screamed for a few more pages. I felt like a wall was slammed down just as I was really getting to know Timothy.  If you have a few minutes to read and want a quicky this one won’t disappoint. If you are looking for something with a little more depth you need to go elsewhere.
Upon saying that Ms Summers writing is beautiful and fills the reader with imagery. I will be adding her to my TBR list. This time though in a longer version.

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