Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dusk Takes Dawn by Celia Sweet & Shirin Dubbin

Title:  Dusk Takes Dawn
Author: Celia Sweet & Shirin Dubbin
Publisher:  Breathless Press  
Publication Date:    10/10
ISBN:  1926771893   
Genre Paranormal Erotic Romance
Length:   35 pages
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Heat Level:    Scorching
Other: Oral, graphic sex scenes
Reviewer:  Suki
Date:   March 18, 2011

Paranormal peacekeepers, Dawn Maza, the witch with a capital ‘B’, and Duskan Entreri, one helluva beast, are partners and lovers… Actually, they are in love. They’re not lovers yet. Stone separates them, making her a statue at night while he turns to granite by day, and the two have never consummated their love. Instead, they communicate via video and voice mail. That travesty will change tonight

Under the advisement of a crone—who may or may not have ulterior motives—the pair must freeze time for a single chance at igniting the All Hallows sky with the fires of their passion.

Dusk and Dawn are up for the task. Halloween is about to get sexy.

I have to say I completely loved this story. The love between Dusk and Dawn is real and true. They have never become lovers, let alone touched each others flesh, but they have gotten to know each other through the use of modern technology.  These authors have taken what is becoming a tired tale of witches loving gargoyles and made it fresh and enjoyable. I laughed and was furious when my DH came home and I had to tear myself away from the story to greet him. I can only hope these two authors pair up again as I look forward to reading more from them.  What more can a reader want, hot love scenes, a couple fighting through time to make their relationship work and A super hunky hero. Yum.   This was a joy to read.

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